52 Ancestors: #2 Magdalena Meisberger Shuda

Posted by: Eileen A. Souza

52 Ancestors: #2 Magdalena Meisberger Shuda Shuda Birthday Party

Magdalena, front row, third from left, at a family birthday party.

52 Ancestors: #2 Magdalena Meisberger Shuda M shuda Obit

Obituary – Mt Carmel Item, 25 Aug 1913, Pg-1. Lena Shuda

Magdalena or Lena Meisberger, who is my 2nd great grand aunt, was born 07 Nov 1847 in Steinbach, Rhenish Prussia. Today, Steinbach is a suburb of Ottweiler in the province of Saarland in Germany. She immigrated to America with her family around 1855/56.

They settled in Coal Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, where she married Enoch Shuda, a Civil War veteran, around 1866.  According to the 1900 US Federal census, she had 10 children of which 9 were still living. 

 She died on 25 Aug 1913 and is survived by nine children, 65 grandchildren and 1 great-grand child.






Week 2 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, a blogging challenge initiated by Amy Johnson Crow in her blog No Story Too Small.

52 Ancestors: #2 Magdalena Meisberger Shuda 52ancestors

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15 comments on “52 Ancestors: #2 Magdalena Meisberger Shuda

  1. She sounds so much like my ancestors. Probably considered herself German even though lived in Russia (my Mom’s parents). Moving to a coal mining town (my husband’s paternal grandfather (Lithuanian) and my paternal great grandfather (Scotish).

  2. My Austrian/German ancestors also settled in Coal Township upon immigrating to America. I love running across other bloggers who are connected to Coal Township and the Shamokin area. It’s such a small town, I can’t help but wonder if my people knew your people.

    • Lisa, it is so nice to hear from another coal cracker. My Coal Township surnames are Meisberger, Shuda, Strausser, Haley, Madeira, Depner, Burns, Quinn, and Rupp. Any connections?

  3. I have been researching my genealogy and I think there is a few common ancestors one being Theresa Shuda (Gaffney)

    • Thank you for letting me know. I am not directly descended from Magdalena so have not done a lot of research on the Shuda family. I do know that Magdalena’s husband, Enoch Shuda, was in the Civil War.

      • Theresa Shuda (Gaffney) Was Enoch’s sister, making Enoch my Great-Great Uncle. Been trying to pin point that genealogy for some time now but all the different spellings for Shuda has been throwing me off.

        • I don’t really have anything on the family of Enoch Shuda so far. I know he fought in the Civil War. He is the husband of my 3rd great aunt. I do have his father’s name as Mathias Shuda.

          • Magelina Shuda is my great-grandmother. Her daughter Lena Shuda married a McHugh. They had three children. James, Frank, and Mary McHugh. I’m the daughter of James.

  4. Mary, great grandfather Frank J Gaffney married Bridget McHugh and when she passed so young I think my great grandfather lived with James for a while in Mount Carmel,Pa. Frank then married my great grandmother Theresa Shuda, (John and Minnie Shuda’s) daughter. John’s parents were Enoch and Magdalena Shuda.

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