52 Ancestors: #25 Geraldine Gunther Parry

Posted by: Eileen A. Souza

My great-aunt, Annetta Geraldine Gunther was born on 18 April 1889 in Ranshaw, Coal Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of Andreas C. Gunther and Eva M. Meisberger (https://www.oldbonesgenealogy.com/wordless-wednesday-andrew-and-eva-gunther/).

She married Thomas John Parry on 31 July 1909. My sister received this date back in 1977, when Geraldine was still alive. My sister recorded the marriage location as Northumberland County and that is what I had in my files. When

Ellen Parry, age 6; Geraldine Gunther, age 28; and Bertram Parry, age 3. Photo abt. 1917

Ellen Parry, age 6; Geraldine Gunther, age 28; and Bertram Parry, age 3. Photo abt. 1917

I began this post, I decided to do a quick check at Ancestry.com to see what I could fill in.  I found the missing 1920 and 1930 US census records, but I could not find her in the 1940 US census so far. I also found a monkey wrench…I mean marriage record for Thomas Parry and Geraldine Gunther. This church record provided the following information.

  • Name of Man: Thomas Parry
  • His Residence: Shamokin, Pa.
  • Name of Woman: Geraldine Gunther
  • Her Residence: York, Pa
  • By Whom Married: Joseph Solon Peters
  • When Married: July 31, 1909
  • Where Married: York, Pa.

It was surprise to me to see her residence listed as York, Pa., but the biggest surprise was the church.  The church was the Emmanuel United Church of Christ in York, Pa. I can tell you from my searches that Geraldine Gunther is not that common a name. This is a woman whose sister almost became a RC nun. Even though his and her names, his residence and the marriage date are all the same as my other sources, this could be a big coincidence and this couple are not my ancestors but…  I will be pursuing this some more.

I remember great-aunt Geraldine, having met her a couple of times. She was supposed to be the one with money and everyone always envied her.  But, although, she lived a very long life, she suffered from diabetes and lost at least one leg. I also found out that two of their four children died young-one at 8 months and the other at 9 years. So I don’t think she had a very happy life.



Week 25 of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, a blogging challenge initiated by Amy Johnston Crow in her blog No Story Too Small.

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2 Responses to 52 Ancestors: #25 Geraldine Gunther Parry

  1. Ellen Valli says:

    Dear Eileen,

    My mother Eileen Payne was Geraldine’s granddaughter and we were looking up information on the web and I found this post. We were blown away. In some way we must be related.
    Geraldine was my Great Grandmother we have additional information and would love to be in touch. My mom Eileen e-mail is schwartzeileen@gmail.com.

    What an incredible coincidence, Ellen M Valli- your long lost relative 🙂

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