Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Your Genea-Bucket List

Posted by: Eileen A. Souza

Randy Seaver of  Genea-Musings has given us this Saturday Night Genealogy Fun assignment:

What is on your Genealogy Bucket List?  What research locations do you want to visit?  Are there genea-people that you want to meet and share with?  What do you want to accomplish with your genealogy research?  List a minimum of three items – more if you want!
My bucket list is entirely composed of wishes to visit ancestral homes and locations.

  1. I would like to trace the migrations of my Noble line. Edward and Mary were both born in Ireland and immigrated separately to the UK during the famine years.  The met in the UK married in Houghton-le-Spring, Durham, England, had two sons in Liverpool, Lancashire, England and then moved back to Houghton-le-Spring, specifically Newbottle and had four additional children prior to coming to the US. I know their UK locations but I am still tracking down the Irish locations. I have tracked Edward Noble to County Mayo but need to find out was town/townland and parish before I visit. I believe I have connected Mary Devine to County Longford but again need more information.

  3. I need to visit Vigolo Vattaro in Trentino province in Italy, the town that my Tyrolean paternal grandfather emigrated from.  It is 19 miles from the city of Trent in the Dolomites. I know there are no longer any Furlani surnames left in Vigolo Vattaro but I know my great-grandfather ran the local inn and that building might still be there.  There will be many other names I will recognize and possible cousins since about fifty men came to Mount Carmel, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania from this town.

  5. I want to visit the town where my Meisberger ancestors came from, but I do not want to make this trip until I fill in a couple of other ancestors, also from German. That way I can visit all their home towns in the same trip.  Before I can go, I need to solve the origins of my great-grandfather, Andreas Gunther.

  7. There may be additional visits if I ever get any closer than Italy and Bohemia for my Bianchi and Bunt lines.
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3 Responses to Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Your Genea-Bucket List

  1. Dana says:

    I’d love to travel to some of my ancestor’s homelands, too! So far, I’ve only traced 3 of them: two to Germany & one to England. Your list sounds wonderful!

  2. Those sound like great trips! I hope you get to take them —

  3. Francesca Thomas says:

    My ancestors were British through and through. Both of my parents have scottish and english ancestry. The 5 main counties I want to visit in the UK, are Cornwall, Devon and Somerset in England, and also Argyle and Orkney, which are both in Scotland.

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