Wordless Wednesday – A First Holy Communion (Revised)

Posted by: Eileen A. Souza

I had to revise this post due to some errors in the data that I entered because I was looking at the wrong entry in my database.  I adjusted birth and death dates and estimated date of this photo.

I am using this theme primarily to post my mystery photos in hopes that someday I’ll be able to solve them.

Dorothy Furlani - First Holy Communion, ca. 1900.

Dorothy Furlani – First Holy Communion, ca. 1900.


This photo was unidentified and in the box of photos that my sisters and I inherited from our mother.

I identified this photo as a First Holy Communion photo of my aunt, Dorothy Furlani (1913-1982). She would have been six or seven years old at the time so the photo may have been taken around 1920. I am basing this on an estimated age for receiving First Holy Communion. It would have been taken in Mt. Carmel borough or Mt. Carmel Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. It appears to have been taken at a professional photographer’s studio. There were no identifying names or information on the photo.

If possible, I would like to firm up the identifications, so I am open to any information or corrections concerning this photo.


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