Wordless Wednesday – Celebrating the 4th of July?

Posted by: Eileen A. Souza

I am using this theme to post my mystery photos in hopes that someday I’ll be able to solve them.


This photo was unidentified and in the box of photos that my sisters and I inherited from our mother. It seems to be decorated for a holiday. I am presuming Independence Day, July 4th since the shrubs and trees are in bloom. This house is most likely located in Coal Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, which may have a late spring since it is in the mountains.

I think the figure on the right may be wearing a military uniform, which may date this photo in the late 1910s. I do not recognize any of the people in the photo but I believe they may be a part of my Meisberger line. My 2nd great-grandfather, Theobald Meisberger, owned four lots with houses on them, which he left to four of his children when he died in 1900.

One house went to my great-grandfather, Andrew Gunther, who was married to Eva Mary Meisberger, Theobald’s daughter. Based on another photo that I published in my Wordless Wednesday post “Andrew C. Gunther and Family,” this may be Andrew’s home. Andrew had three sons who would have been of an age to enlist in WWI.

If possible, I would like to firm up the identifications, so I am open to any information or corrections concerning this photo.


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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Celebrating the 4th of July?

  1. Elaine Davis says:

    There are a lot of flags in the picture. Another possibility for the date could be June 1916 when Flag Day was first proclaimed.

    • Eileen A. Souza says:

      That’s a great thought. Thanks, Elaine. I was basing my surmise on the possible uniform of the male on the right and the US did not enter WWI until 6 April 1917.

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