Wordless Wednesday – Is This My Grandmother?

Posted by: Eileen A. Souza

I am using this theme primarily to post my mystery photos in hopes that someday I’ll be able to solve them. This photo was unidentified and in the box of photos that my sisters and I inherited from our mother.

Unknown woman, ca. 1925

Unknown woman, ca. 1925

I recognized the background of this photo being exactly like the background in the photo of my mother at the age of 7 seen below. The tree, the snow and the basket of flowers are identical, so the photo above was probably taken on the same day in 1925.

Based on the background similarities, I believe the woman above is mostly likely my maternal grandmother, Lorraine Gunther Noble. I am not familiar with how my grandmother looked in her younger years and none of the photos that I think may be her are labeled.

Lorraine Gunther was born Ilene Gunther on 9 October 1897 in Johnson City, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. The family story is that she was supposed to be named Lorraine but the godparents got it wrong and named her Ilene. The family ignored this and always called her Lorraine.

Marguerite Noble 1925 age 7

Marguerite Noble 1925 age 7

She married William Noble on 29 June 1917 in Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland (a local Gretna Green for many folks from Pennsylvania). My mother
was born 21 May 1918, my uncle Bill (William) followed on 20 September 1923, with my Aunt Lorraine being born 29 January 1931. All were born in Ranshaw (formerly Johnson City), Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. My grandmother died on 21 March 1977 and is buried in St. Dominic’s Cemetery in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

If possible, I would like to firm up the identification, so I am open to any information or corrections concerning this photo. I am hoping some family members recognize this photo.


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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Is This My Grandmother?

  1. If only you knew the occasion or why they were posing with the flowers, it might help confirm if she is your grandmother. You recognized the place from the other photo but do you know where the place is? Don’t you think it strange that they are both wearing short sleeves and there is snow on the ground?

    • You know I never noticed the short sleeves. Thank you for drawing my attention to it. At the time they were living in Coal Township, Northumberland County in an area variously called Brady, Johnson City and Ranshaw, which is in the hard coal region of Pennsylvania. I haven’t the least knowledge of what the occasion is. My mother would be 7 on May 21 of that year. It could be her birthday. In the coal region, snow in May would not be that uncommon. I’ll have to check historical weather.

      • lynne says:

        Looks like great Aunt Marg to me I think the photos of Grammy were prettier and not such a big
        Nose. Also Grammy never had dark circles under her eyes.

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